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Fun Facts

Each AdDivider travels 2.3 miles per month on the check stand.

REACH: Each store does on average 100,000 transactions per month

FREQUENCY: The average household shops their local market 10-12 times per month

People feel a sense of belonging at their local market. Connect with them.

Be the innovator, not the imitator. Be first, capture top of mind. An interactive mini-billboard. 

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Toll Free - (866)491-6948

Words From Our Clients


"From the innovative concept to the flawless execution, few have had this instant impact of AdDividers." -Disney Studios

Carmen green realty 

"Keeps my name and face in front of thousands of people daily, I love my AdDividers!" -Carmen Green of Carmen Green Realty

Entertainment weekly

"Novel, mini-billboards..." -Entertainment Weekly

Claud braunstein windermere real estate

"I'm never giving up my AdDividers." -Claud Braunstein of Windermere Real Estate

Buena vista pictures

"The AdDividers have worked wonderfully for us. From the response we're getting, it's worked as well as anything we've done." -Buena Vista Pictures

Peter Rutherford

"Best way to promote my Real Estate Business." -Pete Rutherford


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